Department Directory

Last Name

First Name

Title/Position Email Phone
Villerot Annette Deputy Superintendent 512-386-3040
Prentice Ray Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 512-386-3040
Howard Sonja Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction 512-386-3832
Bonavita Neil Assistant Director for Special Programs, Policy, and Compliance 512-386-3049
Campbell David Director of Data and Accountability 512-386-3052
Rush Ana Director of Mathematics & Science 512-386-3041
Guerra-Scott Irma Grants Administrator 512-386-3004
Cobb Tracy Literacy Coordinator 512-386-3834
Free Damaris Bi-Literacy Coordinator 512-386-3835
Gonzalez Jena Grants Coordinator  512-386-3833
Hallmark Leticia Social Studies Coordinator 512-386-3022
McCarthy Tricia Professional Learning Coordinator 512-386-3842
Guzman Rojelio Bi-Literacy Instructional Coach 512-386-3854
King Lindsey Literacy Instructional Coach 512-386-3836
Trevino Rosa Literacy Instructional Coach 512-386-3846
Dyer Phyllis Administrative Assistant 512-386-3046
 Kornacki  Shelly Data and Accountability Administrative Assistant 512-386-3047
Torres-Jaimes Lisette Administrative Assistant/ Textbook Coordinator 512-386-3173
Jennings Angela Administrative Assistant/ Copy Clerk   512-386-3006