Graduation Plans


Endorsements consist of the 22 credits required under the Foundation Program plus 4 additional credits as outlined under each endorsement area. Programs of study prescribe required courses in sequence under each endorsement area. Please click the endorsement path below to access the full program of study under each endorsement area.


Distinguished Level of Achievement

Required to be eligible for Top 10% automatic admission to a Texas state college or university. Students must complete at least one endorsement and receive credit for Algebra II to receive the Distinguished Level of Achievement.

Performance Acknowledgements

Performance acknowledgments appear on a student’s diploma and transcript for outstanding performance:

  • in a dual credit course;
  • in bilingualism and biliteracy;
  • on an AP test or IB exam;
  • on the PSAT, the ACT-Plan, the SAT or the ACT; and/or
  • for earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license.